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Specific Uses – Jobseeker
1. Jobseekers agree that he/she use only the website for lawful purposes and seeking employment.
2. Jobseekers can send their resume directly to which advertises on or through the website.
3. Jobseeker’s resume will also remain active on the website and be stored in the database section of until he/she delete it.
4. Jobseeker also recognized that he or she have no claims to any such fee received by company.
5. Jobseeker’s personal data to any employer will not be released without his/her permission.
6. However, jobseeker agrees that and its associated companies or partnerships for marketing purposes which may be directed to either potential employer, their respective agents.
7. will not be responsible or held liable in anyway if any employer in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Specific Uses- Employer
1. Employer will be entitled to use web site to advertise job vacancies upon payment of the service fee to
2. Employer will also be entitled to access the database but agree that all information is used for the purpose of advertising job for jobseekers.
3. Employer acknowledges and agrees that he/she will read sometime any personal data which are not irrelevant data of candidates.
4. Employer is so responsible for the contents and materials contained in its advertisement in their web page.
5. reserves the right to edit employer’s webpage; charge fees based on advertisement or make new charges, choose data related to their purpose and terminate employer’s webpage which are not related to main purpose or in breach of the Terms and Conditions.

Prohibited Uses- Jobseekers and Employers
Jobseeker and Employer agree not to use the Web Site for any of the following statements.
1. Jobseeker shall not post incomplete, false or inaccurate resume.
2. Jobseeker shall not respond to any employment opportunity for any reason and Employer shall not respond to any jobseeker.
3. All users shall not print, download, duplicate or copy any personally identifiable information.
4. All users shall not delete or revise any material posted by any other person.
5. All users are prohibited from attempting to violate the security of the web site including.
6. All users shall not use the web site for transmitting, distributing or storing material in somewhere.

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